Animal Drawings

Animal Drawings

Some people are good at drawing certain things. Some people can only draw plants, while others can probably only draw people. I can draw lots of things, but I can draw animals the best.

There are a lot of different animals to try and draw. Some include birds, dogs, and cats. There are a lot of parts to animals, some are easy to draw and others are hard.

Perspectives are a hard thing to do, especially on drawing animals. For example, I think that side-views are much easier to draw than front-views. Some side views can look 2d, while others can be at an angle and look 3d.

You need to practice. Like landscapes, you will need a reference picture for the first few drawings you do. Once you get better, you don’t have to use it anymore. Try drawing your pet if you have one.

Use guidelines.Β  Like landscapes, guidelines are important, but they are more important here. Use guidelines to mark where things, such as the eyes, will be. You can go over it for your final copy, but make sure you get rid of your guidelines.


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