Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools

Of course, you need tools to draw things. There are 2 different ways to draw, digital and traditional. Digital is drawing on any sort of electronic device with a program, such as a computer or a phone. Traditional is the easier way, which is drawing on paper.

Traditional drawings have access to more tools. The most common are pencils, which are used every day by schools all around the world. In art, they are mainly used for making outlines and sketches. They are also used for shading.

For coloring, there are tools like color pencils, crayons, markers, and paints. Color pencils are just like regular pencils, except they have colored led, and have no eraser most of the time. Crayons are colored wax sticks (and they smell good). Markers are like pens, but they have different properties than pens. Paints use a paintbrush dipped in a colorful paint, which can then be used on paper and rinsed in water. Those 4 tools are only some of the tools used for coloring.

For coloring, most of the time you need to stay in the lines of your drawing, but some people prefer to just color wherever they want. There are a lot of ways to color and draw things, of course.

The drawing tools could have different uses besides coloring. Like I said earlier, color pencils can have erasers, so if your color pencils have erasers, you can erase the marks you make. The paper sides of the crayons can be used for blending, and you can do a lot of other activities with crayons. For example, you can still make art by melting the crayons and putting them on a piece of paper.


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