How to Avoid Art Theft

Art theft is a common problem on websites.

What is art theft? It’s pretty self explanatory. Art theft is when somebody steals your art, posting it online, and claiming that they were the ones to make it.

There are a few different ways to avoid art theft.

If you just put “don’t steal” in the description, not everyone is going to listen to that. There are jerks that don’t listen and will steal it anyway. So, I don’t recommend trying that.

Putting a signature on your art CAN be helpful.Β Sometimes. For digital art, if you’re using flat background colors with no shading, gradients, or anything like that, people can easily mark over it. For traditional art, don’t write your signature in pencil, because people can erase it or put whiteout over it.

The most helpful thing to do is to put a watermark on it. Some websites, such as DeviantArt, allow you to put your own watermark on it when submitting your art. Others, however, don’t.

A simple way to make a watermark if you’re using a digital program allowing you to make multiple layers is to first, make a new layer. Next, turn down the opacity so it’s still visible, but not interfering with the actual picture. Then, take a dark color and draw a logo or your signature on the picture. Also, on your watermark, make sure to include a link to your website or your account name.

Watermarks are useful. If your art somehowΒ doesΒ get stolen and it has a watermark on it, people can easily recognize it as yours with the watermark, especially if you have your account/website name on it.


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