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Lately, I’ve been busy with things like school. I have lots of things that I need to draw for projects, things to write, voice audio to record for a project with my friends…

Long story short, I’ve been busy.

Too much work, too little time.

Granted, most of my time is spent procrastinating, but I’m improving on art and grammar skills.

Alright, first off, I’ve been obsessed with deviantArt lately. I won’t reveal my account name yet, but if you want my deviantArt link, then message me.

Another thing is that because I want to be a writer when I get older, I’ve been practicing my writing skills with detail and grammar.

Now, some new things may be coming to the website.

I’ve promised to post things I’ve drawn here. I will soon, and I’ve been getting on that.

If you want to see me do anything, leave a comment. I draw cats, dogs, and wolves, and I can write things too! I’m improving. Send me short scenes you want me to draw or write.

If you want to see me do some animations or just videos by me, my YouTube is Nuclearr_. It may be hard to find, because at the time of writing this, I only have 6 subscribers.

I’ll try and find time to post more.



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