If you want to be an artist, you need to find a style.

An art style is basically a way someone draws. One person may prefer to use thick lines, or another person may want to make a cute, chibi like style.

How exactly do people find their art style?



Of course, not everyone is going to be making โ€œGodly Beautiful Masterpiecesโ€ right away. Not everybody is going to have perfect anatomy and technique right away.

Nobody is perfect, no matter how self confident you are. EVERYONE HAS FLAWS.

When you’re starting out (which is most likely when you are young), you don’t think much of this. You just draw.

But as you get further into life, you get smarter, more mature, and start to think things more, such as:

I need to get myself a style!

Heck, you shouldn’t just draw a few pictures and call it yourย “new style.”

No. No no no.

Keep practicing.

Evenย Iย still sometimes try new things with my style. A few weeks ago I added something to the way that I draw cats to differ it the way I draw pointy eared dogs! I even changed my eye style a month or two ago.

I’ve changed my style whoย knowsย how many times.

Now, of course, you can take inspiration from people’s styles, but don’t exactly copy them. That isn’t good, and can lead to arguments and wars.

A simple way is to find styles that you like and add a few of your own unique elements to it, combine them (somewhat; don’tย completelyย copy someone, like I said) and BAM.

Don’t just stop there. If you feel like anatomy is wrong, or just in general something doesn’t look right, keep evolving your style along the way.


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