about page

   My name is Megan. I like reading, and I read a lot at home. I like reading about fantasy, such as talking animals, and it is what I mainly read. I also love to read humorous and dramatic stories. I like giving and sharing my opinions about certain books and giving corrections and feedback, and interacting with fans of what I like. I prefer to read stories with likeable and flawed characters. I am on the internet often, and have accounts on a lot of websites.

            I have two brothers and one half brother, as well as no sisters. I also have a mom and a dad. Other hobbies I enjoy doing are chatting with my friends, playing games, such as Minecraft, and drawing. I like animals. I like to draw cats and dragons. I build a lot on Minecraft, and my work has a lot of detail put into it. I have a small group of friends in real life and online, and I like talking to people that have similar interests as me.

            I am very interested in writing books, specifically novels, taking inspiration from the books that I read. I enjoy writing very much, and do it when I am bored at home. I like to write about the genres that I mentioned above. I want to become an author when I get older and write novels for other people to read and enjoy. At home, I practice my writing sometimes when there is nothing to do. I am a major introvert. I hardly leave my house and am inside my room a lot. No, I’m not a depressed person. I just prefer to not be around people a lot. I have my imagination and the internet that is my best friend.

          Of course, this blog isn’t about writing. I love drawing. I base my art around books I read, which include Wings of Fire and Survivors. I draw dragons, cats and dogs mainly. I draw a lot on paper when I am bored or when I am allowed to at school. If I am satisfied with what I drew, I take a picture of what I drew and transfer it to trace over and color on my computer. I have a deviantArt that I sometimes post on, though not that often. If you want to know my deviantArt account, message me.

          Well, that’s all you need to know about me. I’m a mature person with good grammar. If you need any help with writing or drawing tips, send me a message! I hope you enjoy this blog~