Second Website

Hi guys.

Here’s an update.

Yesterday, me and a few of my friends were talking about how (no offense)Β badΒ the world has become.

So, I have made a second “side blog” for that very reason.

The link isΒ

The blog’s main purpose is to make everybody feel equal and treated fairly.

So, come help spread kindness into the world.




13 Reasons Why Art is a Good Thing

We see art just about every day in our lives, unless you live in a place with no color. Art is important to the world, and here are 13 reasons why art is important.

  1. Art makes the world more colorful. It adds variety to the everyday world around us, and makes the Earth more enjoyable to look at.
  2. Art gives you a chance to express yourself. Some people may not know a lot about you. Drawing can define your personality if you put your heart and soul into it. In fact, most people’s art revolves around feelings. If you’re feeling angry, there will be lots of red and an angry mood in the art.
  3. You can make new friends. If you focus on drawing things that other people like, you can talk about it together.
  4. Art improves your creative skills and thinking. If you are a creative type of person, doing art can make you even better.
  5. It gives you confidence.Β If you can express things in art and become more open to the world that way.
  6. It gives you teamwork skills.Β Collaboration is a huge part in society, and we do it a lot. Working together for big projects and such will make you better at your teamwork skills.
  7. Art can give you a better chance at a career, and can prepare you.Β Most jobs nowadays require creative and open minded people. Doing art will make things easier for you.
  8. It can make us calmer.Β If you are angry at something, just sit down and draw for a bit. Trust me, it helps.
  9. You can tell stories your own way.Β If you’re not good at writing, art is another very similar way to tell stories. You can either make comics, or just draw anything that can tell a story.
  10. It allows you to explore new opportunities.Β Art is a way to find what you’re good at.
  11. It can make you realize what you want to do.Β If you like drawing, you can make lots of money by selling paintings and stuff.
  12. It can make you a smarter person.Β There are some things that art can teach you, such as patience.
  13. Art can have a huge impact on lives, and change the world if possible.Β Some art pieces have had a large impact on lives and affected lots of people.

So maybe, your art can be important too.

If you try hard.

Sharing Your Art and Getting Better

So, you think you’ve drawn good drawings?

Depending on what you have access to you, sharing your art can be different in many ways.

For example, if you don’t have electronic access, you have limits on who your art can reach. If youΒ doΒ have a computer or some other electronic device, your art can reach to a lot of fans. Most people nowadays are on computers, phones, and other devices, and a majority of those people have accounts on websites that allow you to share your art with the world.

Take DeviantArt for example. A lot of people use DeviantArt as a way to share their art with other people. DeviantArt has functions to easily find art you are interested in. You can tag your art or post it in groups of a certain subject. Other people who are in and watching the group will see your art.

Make friends! Art is a whole lot better when you have friends to support you. Not only that, but if they want, you can do a collaboration project with them. Collaborations (most people call them collabs) are where two or more people work on one project together. Art collabs usually involve one person doing something (wether it be drawing and coloring something fully, or doing lineart) while someone else does something else. Collabs are a fun way to do art.

Don’t just stick with one style. Experiment! The whole point is to get better. Don’t takeΒ criticism as a negative thing, unless some jerk meant it that way. For my art, I’ve gone through plenty of styles to draw specific things, and am still experimenting on different styles and things to try out while drawing.

Use what is easiest for you and what you can access more to draw. If you can access a computer often, try getting an art program for your computer. I use Paint Tool SAI for my drawings on my computer. If you are not good with a mouse, try getting a tablet to hook up to your computer. There are tablets out there that let you draw on them and it will show up on the computer.

If you can’t access an electronic device (computer, phone, tablet, etc), you can use paper and a pencil. Because of schools, youΒ shouldΒ have at least a pencil and some paper or a spare journal around. For me, drawing on paper is easier than drawing with a mouse (yes, I draw with a mouse, and don’t use any of those drawing tablets. I will say I have some skill drawing with a mouse. It’s pretty easy for me.) Drawing with a tablet is essentially the same as drawing on paper, except you have all your tools on one small electronic device.